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My name is Anis Jerbi, I'm an 19 years old artist who became very interested in art, i speak 4 languages, italian, french, English and Arabic. I live in Tunisia, I'm an expressionist, and I paint hyper-realistic oil paintings and drawings. I love playing with lights and shadows. I hope that one day i will become a famous contemporary painter thanks to all of you who are supporting me and to the art galleries that are scouting me.

I'm also very interested in politics, especially US politics.

Thanks a lot for reading my Bio and thanks to all of you for liking and viewing my paintings. I really appreciate your attention.


Almost all of my paintings and drawings are for sale and I do take commissions, so if you're interested to purchase one of my paintings or drawings, or to order an artwork from me, make sure to contact me for more details in "CONTACT"

PS:I ship my drawings and paintings everywhere in the world.

Thank you very much and keep sharing, seeing and liking my artworks.

it means a world to me!

See you guys Soon!

Anis Jerbi

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